Capturing special events through the lens of a muse.

Reunions, Expos, Conferences, Meetings, and Private Events

As event photographers, we cover all sorts of different types of event – from indoor balls, dancing and parties to fundraisers, corporate events, reunions, and sporting events.

The best event photographers capture all of the highlights of your event, from the tiniest details to the grandest moments. What you stand for and how you want the world to see you are reflected in your events. Make sure the photographer you hire for your event photography understands you and can deliver photos that help you demonstrate exactly what you want the world to see, think, and feel about you and your brand.

We specialise in event photography with the natural reportage documentation of corporate occasions and celebrations, producing the highest quality imagery that showcase your company and event in its best possible light.

We don’t take a photograph, we make it.


Understanding people is the key to event photography. Recognizing people's actions, reactions, presentations, what they want to be seen, and predicting their actions before they happen. There are few things more exciting than photographing VIPs and professional speakers who know where to look, what to pause for, and how to hold themselves.
$ 850
a day starting
  • 8 hour day
  • Edited photos
  • Photo Album (additional cost per book)
  • Delivered via an online gallery